Present day Los Angeles and an empty stage in a ‘dark’ theatre.

An unexpected invitation to attend a read through for a play reunites three actresses for the first time in thirty years; thirty years since they rehearsed a ‘new’ play, Gymnopédies.

Thirty years of three very different lives which now converge for one afternoon.

One afternoon to reacquaint, to rehearse, to remember, to reconcile.

But what else might happen when you are forced to remember, not just the make believe of theatre, but also the reality of life?

The artwork shown is an original work by the artist Victoria Mironenko and was commissioned for the play.


Gymnopédies is a play which uses sharp characters who employ sharp wits, cutting sarcasm and at times, blunt opinions to explore some very current themes brought to the fore by the #metoo campaign. It can be played as one or two act with a total running time of approx 90 minutes.

DESCRIPTION: A two act play for three actresses aged 50+. Staging is simply an empty stage. The less prepared, unkempt and untidy, the better. Imagine you've just struck a set and you haven't started building a new one yet! But, in effect, it can be presented in any space but where minimal stage lighting is available. No special costuming and hardly any furniture (a table, three chairs and a coat stand) and very basic props. It has also been adapted as an online and a radio play.

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The artwork on this page is an original piece by the artist Victoria Mironenko and was commissioned for the play.