Big Al is taking a bus journey to Whitby.
It is a journey he has waited his whole life to take.
He is an innocent abroad and clearly, an innocent to so much more.
During his trip he speaks to an unseen fellow passenger about his journey and unsurprisingly, as is the case with so many passengers, he talks about more than the view. As his journey twists and turns, so do his disclosures and eventually, the reason for it is laid bare, as is his life and his plans for it.
Last Bus to Whitby is a play about resonance and honesty with oneself; about finding peace.It explores in a gentle, innocent and bygone way, how happiness and self-fulfilment, do not, for some, require other people or wealth to make them a reality.
All it sometimes needs is a stranger to listen and the opportunity to talk. But life’s journey sometimes hands us the most unexpected of opportunities to find our own perfect moment and within it, much needed clarity and peace of mind.
And clarity of mind can be found in the most surprising of places. 
Even the 840 bus to Whitby.
DESCRIPTION: A one act play with a running time of approx 45 minutes. 1 actor which in the original version is male but with alternative versions available (see below). No formal set required and therefore, very simple to stage. This piece is also very suited to be used a radio play.
"I can't find a one act play, a one-hander, to get my teeth into"
So I wrote 'Last Bus to Whitby.'
"Pity it's not written for a woman
"So I wrote a female version.
"Could it work about a different place?"
So I wrote a version for a man OR woman set in Ireland called 'Last Bus to Moher' and additionally, a version written for a female actor late 20's. You can't say the piece isn't flexible!

Please note that the script for this play is contained within the published collection from the author, 'The First Ten Plays' which can be purchased from this site by going to the 'In Print' tab.

 The artwork on this page is an original work by the artist Steve Crowther and was commissioned for the play.