Looking for your next production? Looking for a publisher?

Looking for your next production? Looking for a publisher?

Martin is contracted to the Theatrical Publishers, Stagescripts.

Stagescripts Ltd is an independent publisher and rights-holder for the works of mostly contemporary writers and composers of musical theatre and drama, serving the needs of adventurous and innovative producers. As well as acting as their Acquisitions Agent (looking for new works and new writers for the stage), Martin is an Advocate, giving advice about their catalogue and finding the right play, musical and pantomime for you. Let him help you take the pain out of picking that next production. Get in touch using the contacts page or visit the Stagescripts website.

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Theatrical Adjudication, Critiques & Reviews

Are you looking to engage a Theatre Adjudicator?

Are you organising a One Act or Full Length Drama Festival? 

Would you like your first night/preview reviewed?

Or do you want to have a trusted, objective and respected critic evaluate your production and publish the same night via social media?

You are only as good as your last production.

Let a comprehensive, detailed and honest review help in telling your story and showcasing your talents.

Use the Contacts page or click below to find out more.

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Theatrical Adjudication, Critiques & Reviews
Is there anybody there?

IS THERE ANYBODY THERE? When Sue meets Ann, an employee of her late husband, she finds a soul mate in more ways than one. And following a chance conversation about a psychic medium, she hatches a plan. A laugh. The chance to drink, to joke and to make fun with impunity of those who she sees as pathetic for trying to contact their dead relatives: laughing at the expense of those who pursue the question ?Is there anybody there??

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Where is the Life?

WHERE IS THE LIFE? A black comedy about The Beeches residential home for 'retired gentlemen of the stage'. They have come from a bygone world and have now created a new world which is bound together by images, reflections, memories, longings of the past but equally, yearnings for a future. And when Kelly the new Care Assistant arrives, everyone's world is placed in turmoil as they all learn about themselves, loss, love and what really matters.

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The King's Orphan

THE KING?S ORPHAN: During the Great War, 116 young men who had attended Blackburn Orphanage in Lancashire, went to war. 15 of them never returned; one of them was only recorded by his name. ?The King?s Orphan? is a unique, touching and very special story of how a generation of ordinary men did an extraordinary thing. But it also illustrates how some men went to war to fight for something bigger. For a family they had never known.

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Latest News

Gymnopédies - feedback from the premiere

“Thank you to you and the cast for a fabulous evening. We all really enjoyed it and have booked tickets for another performance. What an amazing talent. Brilliant.” 
“You’ve a masterpiece of a script.” “Loved it.” “It’s a smash.” 
“Fabulous play ... loved every second.” “Absolutely amazing.”
“An excellent piece of work with an excellent cast.”
“A great play with a brilliant cast, quality acting, and a rich script.” 
“We really enjoyed it. Very well cast. The actors did brilliantly, very convincing. Great work.” 
“An excellent play by Martin Paul Roche. Well directed and performed by all three ladies.”
“Terrific play, wish you great success with it.” 
“Congratulations on the play - it was excellent - a very clever and thought-provoking production. I thought the three ladies were all brilliant.”
"Thoughtful, contemporary and intelligent work. Great performances. Highly recommended!" 
“A brilliant production. Congratulations ... this will be a play I remember. Bravo.”

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The King's Orphan

Audience Feedback for 'The King's Orphan': "“What a gem! ‘The King’s Orphan’ at Guide Bridge Theatre. A script that moves an audience from tears to laughter and back again - not just once but again and again. A powerful piece of theatre from Martin Paul Roche.”

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Services Provided

  • Script writing for musicals, plays and concert narrations
  • Song lyrics
  • Theatre Adjudication for Full Length and One Act Festivals
  • Introductory training in Theatre Adjudication
  • Commissioned/bespoke theatre critiques for individual productions
  • Workshops in Musical Theatre song presentation
  • After dinner speaking
  • Conference presentations
  • Concert & Event compere service
  • Newspaper/magazine/Internet/Blog reviews/crits
  • Theatrical Acqusitions Agent and Advocate

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