Theatrical Adjudication, Criticism &Training

For over 20 years, Martin has been involved in Theatrical Adjudication, Reviewing and Assessing theatre performances. This involves reviewing stage productions as part of an organised Theatre Festival or as one-off reviews/critiques independently, for publications (magazines and newspapers) or on commission.

For several years he adjudicated the Full Length Festival for the Greater Manchester Drama Federation, their One Act Play Festival and most recently, the Partington Theatre One Act Festival. In addition, he has adjudicated the Manchester Musical Awards twice.

Although not a member of the much respected organisation, GODA (Guild of Drama Adjudicators), Martin has brought a wealth of experience in performing, directing and writing to this area of his work. Added to this, his professional experience and qualifications in assessment, evaluation, coaching and training have allowed him to develop a process for adjudicating which is well established, respected and fit for purpose.

In addition, his experience in adjudicating is supported by his numerous published reviews and articles (including literary reviews) in newspapers, magazines and online. This has also led to him delivering talks and workshops on the subject.

Martin has now combined his experiences of adjudicating and curriculum design to produce an introductory training package for aspiring Theatrical Adjudicators which has been very well received and is available for delivery.

One Act Play Festivals?

These are as the name suggests a programme of one act plays, performed usually over a week at one theatre to a paying audience. They are sponsored/organised by a local Drama Association of Festival but there are also nationally organised festivals. At the end of each evening the adjudicator gives a verbal critique/assessment of the pieces performed. By the end of the Festival week, the Adjudicator will usually annouce the winners of that Festival to the audience on the last night based on a number of categories covering acting, direction and technical elements to name but a few. There may also be written assessments subsequently produced by the adjudicator for the performing companies.

Full Length Festivals?

These usually span a complete performing season (e.g., from September through to May) and the adjudicator is again commissioned by a local (or national) Drama Association or Festival covering a large catchment area of theatres and performing companies, to visit the productions of those companies, produce a written assessment (usually) of the production which are then provided to the companies and then form the basis on which the adjudicator decides who has won the numerous catergories/awards within that festival. The awards are invariably announced at a presentation evening at the end of the season.

"First Night Reviews"

Martin is able to provide a review on your first or preview night which will be published online using his own social media feeds and also yours - that night!

In this way you get a quality and honest review and get it out there to your audiences in time to hit those all important ticket sales.

You will also be given permission automatically to republish, repost, edit and reference as you feel appropriate as long as the author is credited.

Want to know more? Use the contact page or follow the links below for specimens:


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