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Latest News

'Ancient and Modern' & 'Last bus to Whitby - Feedback from the audience (2023)

“I saw these two monologue plays by Martin Paul Roche. Laugh out loud funny and also very thought provoking. Two excellent performances. Go and see it if you can. New plays on tour. Brilliant.” AND “Absolutely brilliant. Both performances did justice to your writing! Great plays, very poignant in parts but ‘laugh out loud’ comedic in others.”

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'Where is the life?' Feedback from the audience (2023)

"We were there last night. It was absolutely brilliant. Sensitive, funny and absolutely heartbreaking. Moved us all to tears. Brilliant acting, brave choice of play. Loved it. Definitely not to be missed" ... "Congratulations guys. This play was brilliant. Such a rollercoaster of emotions. The cast and director did a great job" ... "Watched it last night and really enjoyed it" ... "Book now to avoid disappointment" ... "Utterly brilliant. Well done. Loved it"

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Living with Lois - review of premiere (2023)

“With ‘Living With Lois’ we saw a palpably creative and very positive dramatic impact and were fulfilled in both delivery and execution. There was complete understanding and control of theatrical communication from the lead actors and director alike, supported by capable technicians. This production was exhilarating theatre of almost the highest possible standard. The appreciative audience rightly paid full attention and enjoyed every minute. Theatre is a two-way street – what is sent from the stage gets a direct response from the audience. This is an exchange that doesn’t happen in the cinema or reading a book. ‘Living With Lois’ was a rare gem, shining and bright, for which I can only give thanks.” Andrew P Wild (GMDF Adjudicator)

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Gymnopédies - feedback from the premiere (2022)

“Thank you to you and the cast for a fabulous evening. We all really enjoyed it and have booked tickets for another performance. What an amazing talent. Brilliant.” 
“You’ve a masterpiece of a script.” “Loved it.” “It’s a smash.” 
“Fabulous play ... loved every second.” “Absolutely amazing.”
“An excellent piece of work with an excellent cast.”
“A great play with a brilliant cast, quality acting, and a rich script.” 
“We really enjoyed it. Very well cast. The actors did brilliantly, very convincing. Great work.” 
“An excellent play by Martin Paul Roche. Well directed and performed by all three ladies.”
“Terrific play, wish you great success with it.” 
“Congratulations on the play - it was excellent - a very clever and thought-provoking production. I thought the three ladies were all brilliant.”
"Thoughtful, contemporary and intelligent work. Great performances. Highly recommended!" 
“A brilliant production. Congratulations ... this will be a play I remember. Bravo.”

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The King's Orphan

Audience Feedback for 'The King's Orphan': "“What a gem! ‘The King’s Orphan’ at Guide Bridge Theatre. A script that moves an audience from tears to laughter and back again - not just once but again and again. A powerful piece of theatre from Martin Paul Roche.”

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