‘Old’ Miles is on his regular trip to a quiet corner of his local cemetery, to visit the cenotaph and to remember. ‘Young’ Jo is only passing through and will be content to not ‘get done’ for just being there.

The story provides a glimpse into a brief meeting which arrived from nowhere but yet, could lead to somewhere. Where taking the time to chat, to explain and to understand without judgement can open doors which should never have been allowed to close.

It illustrates that innocence is not the reserve of any particular age and appreciating what winning and losing really mean, can bring prizes beyond expectation: it can bring understanding.

'The Cenotaph' is a brief and gentle story of age, encounters and new friendships.


Running Time: Approx 20 minutes.
Cast: Miles: 50+ and Jo: Under 16. Jo can be any gender, though shown as male simply for ease of writing.
NB: There is no reason why both roles could not be taken by younger performers i.e., a school production.
Period: Present day. 
Staging: Any space would be adequate. 
Setting: A bench or two chairs to represent one. A projection of a cenotaph if desired, though not essential.
NB: Please be aware that this play does not feature in the published collection 'The First Ten Plays.'
The script for this play is available by clicking on the button below. It is priced at £5 inc P&P.