"It is 1612 and Jacobean England is still reeling from the Gunpowder Plot of several years earlier and the implications it has for the people and more importantly, the King; a king obsessed by demonology and fearful of those who do not practice the faith of the state.

Against this backdrop, Witchfinder introduces the story of two young lovers from different classes, backgrounds and worlds, thrust together in a melting pot of politics and suspicion, fuelled by fear and an over zealous desire to hunt down the evildoers - whether they exist or not. Prejudice, power, love and honour all vie for supremacy in both the corridors of power in London and the simple village life of Pendle in Lancashire, as they are pitted against each other in a struggle for truth - and survival."

Witchfinder was specifically written to provide both a vocal AND dramatic challenge for any company; equally, to provide an audience with a piece which has weighty themes, has gravitas, but is fulfilling and uplifting.

The script was intentionally written to have the weight and texture of a play and this is complimented both lyrically and musically. The characters are full-formed and give musical theatre performers the opportunity to explore some interesting dramatic themes not always found within the genre. In this sense, it also provides an exciting opportunity for musical theatre students and would be a perfect end of year/course showcase production; the songs within it provide a superb chance to illustrate and evidence character and voice for any auditions.

The 2009 original cast studio recording is now available through this site! If you would like to purchase a copy (£10.99p inc P&P) just follow this link:


Witchfinder is subject to performing licence available from Stagescripts

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2009 GMDF Theatre Awards for premiere production:

  • Best Actor
  • Best Choreographer
  • Best Director
  • Best Book & Lyrics
  • Best Production

To find out about obtaining a licence to perform the musical visit the website of Stagescripts.