New To You Theatre - #N2UT

New Works for New Audiences

Is a new theatre company launched in 2022.

Firstly, it is to showcase Martin's work in theatres, ostensibly within the north of England or further afield if opportunities permit. The intention is to provide opportunities for locally based performers and to bring them and a new repertoire to a range of local theatres: put simply, bringing together new works and new faces to new venues with a view to attracting new audiences for them.

Martin firmly believes that new works and new writers have the potential to attract the audiences theatres would like to have - and there is evidence to prove that it is a credible approach. This is essential in maintaining footfall in small local theatres and ensuring that the turnover in (to be very honest) an ageing core of patrons is being replenished AND that such theatres have traction and an identity in the communities they are embedded in - especially those communities who have never been in their local theatre before.

In time, once a portfolio of venues who have engaged come on board, he wants to use the experience and contacts to facilitate other new writers and their works in getting the stage and the audience they deserve.

What's Next?

During summer of 2022, several venues staged 'Gymnopedies' to very positive reviews and audience feedback.

Building on this, 2023 saw a small and successful tour of two one act plays, 'Ancient and Modern' and 'Last Bus to Whitby.'

Further projects will be posted when available!



Latest News

'Ancient and Modern' & 'Last bus to Whitby - Feedback from the audience (2023)

“I saw these two monologue plays by Martin Paul Roche. Laugh out loud funny and also very thought provoking. Two excellent performances. Go and see it if you can. New plays on tour. Brilliant.” AND “Absolutely brilliant. Both performances did justice to your writing! Great plays, very poignant in parts but ‘laugh out loud’ comedic in others.”

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'Where is the life?' Feedback from the audience (2023)

"We were there last night. It was absolutely brilliant. Sensitive, funny and absolutely heartbreaking. Moved us all to tears. Brilliant acting, brave choice of play. Loved it. Definitely not to be missed" ... "Congratulations guys. This play was brilliant. Such a rollercoaster of emotions. The cast and director did a great job" ... "Watched it last night and really enjoyed it" ... "Book now to avoid disappointment" ... "Utterly brilliant. Well done. Loved it"

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Gymnopédies - feedback from the premiere (2022)

“Thank you to you and the cast for a fabulous evening. We all really enjoyed it and have booked tickets for another performance. What an amazing talent. Brilliant.” 
“You’ve a masterpiece of a script.” “Loved it.” “It’s a smash.” 
“Fabulous play ... loved every second.” “Absolutely amazing.”
“An excellent piece of work with an excellent cast.”
“A great play with a brilliant cast, quality acting, and a rich script.” 
“We really enjoyed it. Very well cast. The actors did brilliantly, very convincing. Great work.” 
“An excellent play by Martin Paul Roche. Well directed and performed by all three ladies.”
“Terrific play, wish you great success with it.” 
“Congratulations on the play - it was excellent - a very clever and thought-provoking production. I thought the three ladies were all brilliant.”
"Thoughtful, contemporary and intelligent work. Great performances. Highly recommended!" 
“A brilliant production. Congratulations ... this will be a play I remember. Bravo.”

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The King's Orphan

Audience Feedback for 'The King's Orphan': "“What a gem! ‘The King’s Orphan’ at Guide Bridge Theatre. A script that moves an audience from tears to laughter and back again - not just once but again and again. A powerful piece of theatre from Martin Paul Roche.”

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What the audience thought... "Is there anybody there?"

First night audience feedback on social media following the premiere:

"Pure brilliance" ... "Absolutely gripped" ... "Excellent script" ... "Brilliantly acted" ... “A very original and entertaining piece of theatre” ... “A really thought provoking play. I loved it … what a mixture of emotions” ... "Really enjoyed last night. Great play, funny and dark at the same time. Highly recommended" ... "Brilliant in every way. Totally loved it. Well done to all of you. Martin has such excellent writing skills; I actually couldn't wait to get back in the theatre at the interval to see how things panned out. Totally awesome" ... "Seriously, the play was fabulous. Get down there this week."

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