Three one act plays but all with the same title … ‘Changing’.

The plays bring three very different scenarios: a funeral home, a department store and a surgery.

And with them, three contrasting situations: Eric, Ron and Wayne are waiting for their wives who are trying on clothes; Alison, Joyce and Kate are waiting to arrange their husband’s funerals and then there’s Keith, who thinks he is waiting for an appointment but Lisa can’t find his appointment so there isn’t an appointment and worse, he doesn't exist! Confused? Not as much as Keith and Lisa. 

The three plays journey through three unconnected, yet everyday circumstances illustrating how people can so quickly change - and change into something very different (but hopefully, with a fair amount of laughter along the way!)

Changing 1:

One appointment. One funeral home. Three funerals to arrange … or so the three women think. When it comes to arranging your husband’s funeral, it’s a job many women would face with trepidation. Some fear it.Some want it to be over. Some can’t wait. Some see an opportunity. ‘Changing 1’ explores how a simple but daunting task might have an obvious objective, but meeting others in the same circumstance can change all of that. And changing in more ways than one would think.

Changing 2:

One shopping trip. One changing room. One hour to wait ... or so the men think. When it comes to clothes shopping and accompanying women on them, many men have the attention span of wood lice. Some are resilient. Some have coping strategies. Some enjoy it. Some abandon hope. A salutary lesson of when three unacquainted husbands are left unattended and unsupervised whilst their wives 'try it on', they will do the same ... and changing in more ways than one would think.

Changing 3:


One doctor's surgery. One appointment. One patient. What could possibly be simpler? Keith has an appointment but Lisa can’t find the appointment so there isn’t an appointment. That’s pretty straightforward then. But life isn’t always organised and about being at the appointed place at the appointed time. And when someone walks into your life and ordered work regime, they can change a life of order to chaos; but sometimes that change is needed to find the life you need. Confused? Not as much as Keith and Lisa.

Please note that the scripts for these plays are all contained within the published collection, 'The First Ten Plays' which may be purchased from this site by going to the 'In Print' tab.