“In life’s thesaurus, Pauline and Derek are the epitome of ‘suburbia.’
They are brimming with blandness.
Their lives ebb and flow with a simplicity which, to them, is heaven but which for many would be hell.
And with simple lives and simple souls sometimes come simple perceptions.
Which can be a good thing. People who just take strangers for whom they are. 
Innocents with no stereotypes, no demands, no assumptions and no questions asked.
Even when the question is bouncing up and down in front of them.
And anyhow, what’s unusual about having a new acquaintance around for dinner?
Everybody enjoys getting to know potential new friends over a meal, don’t they?
Even when it’s the Prince of Darkness.”

Cast (4):
Pauline and Derek - middle aged couple. 
Nick and Gabriel - any age/gender.

Running time: 
Approx. 55 minutes.

Written in five scenes with no changes.
A lounge in a modern house. Single set.
Minimal SFX (doorbell, mobile phone) and one lighting effect which is simply achieved.
Otherwise, general stage lighting with no special requirements.

Will need some thought in respect of how Nick is presented, makeup etc and equally, Gabriel.
There are indications provided within the script notes for them both, along with props.

Written to complement the one act play 'Beggars can be choosers' to make a complete evening (utilising exactly the same set). 
Alternatively, a standalone play which is also suitable as a Festival piece.
The play uses locales which producing companies may wish to change, but not necessary.
Similarly, the gender of Nick and Gabriel is irrelevant as it is not a function of the plot in any way.

NB: Please be aware that this piece features in the published collection "The Next Ten Plays."

The artwork is an original commissioned piece by the artist Victoria Mironenko.