'The First 10 Plays'

“The rare skill and emotional devotion of the author shone through … so true to life, so understanding, so pertinent, so apt for humanity, so unfailingly and originally humorous, because we are all in there somewhere.” Brian Seymour (Actor, Director, Speaker, Lecturer, Adjudicator: August 2020.

“I honestly don’t know whether what I write is good, bad or indifferent because I write for myself. It’s my argument, my conversation with myself; making sense of people and what makes them tick. It’s not about proving anything, convincing anybody that I’m wrong or right. It’s about telling the story of my characters and allowing them to tell their story and I guess through them, in some way, tell mine. Their story is only over when I don’t hear them any longer.”

A collection of my plays is now available to purchase. In this 342 page volume is an eclectic mix of comedy, drama, monologues, one act pieces, all of which provide something for most theatre companies; many of them have very little staging requirements. The plays are as published, in full not abridged, so you are able to make a genuine assessment concerning if they are right for you. The four main two-act works are available via my publisher (Stagescripts Ltd) for licensing. Any queries about performing the other works should be directed to me via this website.

It is available to buy now on Amazon by searching for 'The First Ten Plays' or simply clicking on the Amazon logo below.

Some of the pieces also include within the introduction to them, audience feedback and reviews to give you a feel for what the public really thought of them - it was all good, honest!

The price is £14.99 for ten plays. You can pay between £8-£10 for one script at the moment online so I think that is pretty good value for money. And the reason is that this isn't about making money. It's about getting the work out there and getting you thinking about choosing repertoire which is new and not just the same cycle of the same plays. Trust me. New Works = New Audiences.

If you're looking at my stuff, then take time time to look at other writers too. And if you need an introduction to new writers or new repertoire from a range of creatives, just get in touch.

Thanks for taking a look. I hope you find them a good read and moreover, I hope to see them on stage as a result! I appreciate your support.
To purchase a copy, either click on the Amazon logo above or the PayPal logo below.

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The King's Orphan

Audience Feedback for 'The King's Orphan': "“What a gem! ‘The King’s Orphan’ at Guide Bridge Theatre. A script that moves an audience from tears to laughter and back again - not just once but again and again. A powerful piece of theatre Martin Paul Roche.”
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What the audience thought... "Is there anybody there?"

First night audience feedback on social media following the premiere:

"Pure brilliance" ... "Absolutely gripped" ... "Excellent script" ... "Brilliantly acted" ... “A very original and entertaining piece of theatre” ... “A really thought provoking play. I loved it … what a mixture of emotions” ... "Really enjoyed last night. Great play, funny and dark at the same time. Highly recommended" ... "Brilliant in every way. Totally loved it. Well done to all of you. Martin has such excellent writing skills; I actually couldn't wait to get back in the theatre at the interval to see how things panned out. Totally awesome" ... "Seriously, the play was fabulous. Get down there this week."

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Manchester Musical Awards

Looking forward to Adjudicating the Manchester Musical Awards for 2017/18 http://www.manchestermusicalawards.co.uk
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New play starts rehearsals

The new play from Martin Roche has just gone into rehearsal. Tickets on sale now. http://www.gbtheatre.co.uk/anybodytheremore.html
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