'Eulogy' is an 11 minute (approx) monologue suitable as a performance piece, rehearsed reading or recording for broadcast.

The gender of the character is not specified so it is not restricted in any way as to whom it may be performed by. The character is envisaged as a Minister of some sort, but faith or setting have been left neutral.

The context is that the character is delivering a funeral service at a crematorium on behalf of a colleague; a colleague who has not had time to pass on any information other that it is the funeral of a man! Before there is time to prepare, the funeral party with the coffin arrive and, to quote the errant colleague, the advice is to 'wing it'!

The play is dedicated to all of those who have had to sit through eulogies, those who have had to deliver them and those who might consider doing so. Having read or listened to the piece, you might want to think twice about it...

A recording of 'Eulogy' is on YouTube and is reached by following the link at the top of the page. It may also be listened to on Soundcloud by following this LINK.

For further information on obtaining a copy of the monologue or performing it, just use the 'Contacts' page at the top of the screen.

The piece is included in the writer's second volume of works 'The Next Ten Plays.'