'The Front of House Manager' is an 18 minute (approx) one act play, suitable as a performance or broadcast piece and easily suited for a rehearsed reading.

It is written as a male character although this is just for writing purposes and can be easily adjusted to any gender or be gender neutral.

The nature of the character makes it an adult piece but it is not age defined in the language or references.

He is controlled, commanding, poised, elegant, refined and articulate; measured, purposeful and deliberate in his delivery.  He savours each word, each syllable of his epistle. He is a romantic, a wit and clearly immersed in an earlier age of old-fashioned elegance and expectations.

The piece provides a good opportunity to explore character, voice, structure and may be useful for education and coaching purposes.

A recorded performance of the piece is accessible on YouTube by following the link at the top of this page. Grab 18 minutes, get yourself a drink, make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

Alternatively, it is also found on Soundcloud by clicking HERE

Finally, if you would like to find out more and in particular, have any enquiries concerning performance or how to obtain a copy, please use the contacts page.

The artwork on this page is an original commissioned piece by the artist, Victoria Mironenko.